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best elliptical cross trainer in India

Top 14 elliptical cross trainer in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We find it difficult to commit to a particular form of regular fitness routine. Even if we start, the motivation wears off. The thought of going to the gym every day is very tiring, and it is a known fact that most people quit the gym in the first 24 weeks of joining. Even if you don’t have a gym membership and often go out for a run, there come the seasons to hinder your routine. It is not possible to continue when it is the rainy season or the cold winter mornings. Hence, people fall out of their habits after such short breaks and just stop exercising or taking care of their health in general. Also, some people are just busy. They do not usually do not find the right time or any time at all. And honestly, this is very frustrating, isn’t it? All of us have been through this phase, some or other time in our lives. Hence we dedicated this article to the best elliptical cross trainer machines in India.

We all know it very well that it is essential to look after our bodies. Especially in these times, when our diets have shifted from healthy grains to fast food, and the air we breathe is full of pollutants. There has to be a solution to this. Now, say goodbyes to long hours of convincing yourself that you need to go to the gym, or be outside in those winters when all you want is to be at home and be cozy. You can get those toned thighs and a flat belly sitting at home. Gear up, it is time for some workouts at home. 

There, you have your answer. When you choose to work it out without any help from a trainer, it is confusing. There are decisions to make, such as where to start? What is the right way? Do we need any kind of equipment? Don’t worry, we are here for your rescue or rather a personal trainer is here for you. 

Cardio and weight training are two main aspects of a complete power-packed workout. The elliptical cross trainer is one such equipment that helps you gain control over the aerobic exercising as well as the weight-bearing training. Elliptical trainers are machines that facilitate easy weight loss and helps stimulate the same effect as that of cycling, running, or climbing an inclined slope. 

The most significant advantage of an elliptical cross trainer is that it does not put much pressure on your joints compared to the other form of outdoor activities while giving you the same calorie loss. An elliptical trainer is a machine providing low impact workouts in comparison to treadmills.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best elliptical cross trainers in India. Stay tuned.

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A guide for buying the best elliptical cross trainer available:
  1. Decide your budget

Budget is the most crucial aspect of buying and equipment. You do not want to look for trainers above your budget. It is indeed better to consider how much you want to spend on this fitness machine. Decide on a range before looking it up. 

Be clear about the budget; decide it in such a way that you don’t compromise on the quality and go out of your way to buy something.

  1. Figure out the use

Know exactly what do you want to use the trainer for. If you already have a gym membership and need if only for weekends, then chose a light weighted and low on the budget machine. If you need it for maintaining your fitness levels and are going to use it extensively, then decided a multifunctional or a hybrid cross trainer for a proper body workout. 

  1. Choose the place

 Elliptical cross trainers come in a variety of sizes. They can be bulky and sturdy as well as compact and occupying less space. If you have a separate gymnasium room, then go for a massive and spacious. If you want to fix the machine in your gallery or a corner, then look out for the elliptical machine with a compact and robust design.

  1. Check the features 

Do take into consideration the maximum height and weight capacity of the device, so that it is fit for your use. Also, a durable machine gives you a warranty, so it is always better to choose an elliptical cross trainer with at least one year guaranteed warranty. Check out the services offered by the brand you are purchasing; it will be useful in the long term because if there is damage to the machine, the company can give you professional services. 

  1. Check it out online 

Compare the prices of the cross trainers in the shops to the ones online. Usually, the same model is at a lesser amount on websites such as Amazon. Also, you can check the benefits such as free delivery and free installation, which put even less pressure on your pocket. It is always wiser to save money and buy good quality, durable cross-trainer. 

Are you searching for the best cross trainer for home use? These are the options for you.

Here is the list of Top 14 Elliptical cross trainers available In India 

1. Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer 

It is a 2 in 1 cross trainer, it can be used as a cycle when the handle is kept stationary, and it is useable as a trainer with the moving handles. It is a hybrid,low-impact machine. It is a straightforward machine to use and supports the user interface.


REACH is a professionally preferred company and trusted with gym equipment. They have been providing high-quality gears and are very reliable.

With this trainer comes a one year warranty and support service. It is durable and has high strength; it is also very portable. The seat is cushioned and provides excellent comfort. This equipment won’t disappoint your expectations. 


  1. Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg.
  2. Wheels: Belt drive system with easy to use.  Built-in transporter wheels. 
  3. Handles: Dual handle the order with foam handles, which are anti-absorbing and anti-slip handles. Skin-friendly functioning during workouts. Height adjustable handles to adjust the height comfortably for different people.
  4. Pedals: Large pedals for adequate grip. Non-slippery pedals for smooth functioning.
  5. Resistance Knobs: For changing the intensity or resistance levels of workouts from beginner’s to advance. 
  6. Display: It has an LCD monitor with the statistics of your workout displayed on a bright LCD screen. Shows time, distance traveled, and calories burned. Battery operated. 
  7. This cross-trainer can be in any corner of the house or an office. The cost comes in the range under 15000 rupees.
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2. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044 

This elliptical cross trainer is manufactured by welfare, which has been manufacturing sports and fitness-related equipment for over 20 years and 200000+ happy customers, hence it is a trusted and high-quality brand. The name itself means we-care. Their motto is to help people live active and healthy lives. This model of the trainer is manufactured with the metal of excellent quality and is sturdy, durable, and comes with a one year warranty.

Though this trainer is not suitable as an exercise bike, it provides an excellent upper and lower body workout simultaneously. It is crafted carefully to strengthen muscles during workouts and has a well-cushioned seat with vertical adjustments for the user’s height. It comes with free installation assistance. 


  1. Maximum weight capacity: 80 kg 
  2. Wheels: 4 kg Fly in-built wheel to provide high momentum while reducing the impact on the knees. Two-way rotation. Transport wheels for extra support and balance and to move anywhere within the house.
  3. Handles: Foam based handle grip. Adjustable handles according to the height hence allowing different users to take advantage of this trainer. Smooth handle for an effortless workout.
  4. Pedals: Two oversized and gripping pedals for feet of all different sizes.
  5. Resistance knobs: Magnetic and manual adjusting resistance knobs. Level 8 knob for providing variety in the intensity of workouts.
  6. Display: LCD type display board. Shows time elapsed, distance covered, heart rate, and calories burnt. It has a pulse pad to detect and facilitate heart rate training. It comes with a hand pulse sensor for easy heart rate measurement.
  7. Stride length:14 inches. More significant stride length helps to give smooth workout and doesn’t wear out the joints.
  8. Mobile holder: Who doesn’t have a workout playlist? This trainer is perfect for those who complement their workout with music. If somebody is too busy or needs to make calls during the exercise, it comes with a mobile holder. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044 is one of the best elliptical cross-trainers available in India. It has a vast Indian network. 
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3. Cockatoo Imported OB-01 – Elliptical Cross Trainer

With the assurance of Cockatoo, a well-known brand that in the world of gym equipment, yoga training, cardio equipment, or fitness accessories comes to this elliptical trainer.

 It is a multifunctional, exercise bike. It can be used as both cardio trainers as well as for cycling; therefore, different parts of our body are working out at the same time. This elliptical cross trainer is available at a very reasonable price. It is effortless to assemble and install. 

Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity is 100 kg. It can even extend up to 120 kg if it is used proper care.
  2. Wheels: Belt driven wheel system. It can be transported easily around the room, has a tough grip on the bottom. 
  3. Handles: Dual-action handles. It moves while we pedal so that even arms are toned, and the core gains strength with the thighs. 
  4. Pedals: Large and anti-slip pedals to facilitate quick workouts so that your feet stay in place. It comes with safety ridges to minimize the chances of injury.
  5. Resistance knob: Location is in front to ensure easy reading and changing. It helps to change the workout from challenging to intermediate to comfortable, hence enhances the user-friendly experience. 
  6. Digital Display: LCD provides data about the exercise, and it is easily readable while sitting as well as standing. Shows time and distance covered, speed, and calories burned. 
  7. The main feature in this cross trainer is the seat, which has a very smooth, vertical height adjusting system and ensures proper workout of people with different height. The seat provides no hindrance even while in the standing position, hence it is useful for users who cannot stand for long hours. 
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4. Cockatoo Imported OB-02 – Elliptical Machine In India

Again an elliptical trainer from Cockatoo, this is a significant improvement over the last one. It has some changes that differentiate it from the OB-01 model. There is a slight increase in price. There are many payment options available to buy this multifunctional exercise bike. Cockatoo has been providing professional services that customers trust in. 

Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity: Up to 100 kg 
  2. Wheels: Belt driven wheel system with a transport system to easily port it to different locations across the house.
  3. Handles: This is the differentiating point. The cross trainer is provided with four handlebars. One pair is static, and the other is a regular dual action handlebar. The static one is useful when only the lower body is working out. It provides extra support and balance. While the dual-action ones are useable during a full-body workout. 
  4. Pedals: Large pedals with safety ridges provided so that your foot doesn’t slip while speeding workouts.
  5. Resistance knob: Provided with easy turning knob to slow down or speed up your workout sessions. 
  6. Display: It has a multifunctional LCD. It comes with five different features. It Shows time, distance covered, speed achieved, calories burned, and pulse. 

This elliptical trainer is one of the best elliptical trainers available in India. The cost is very affordable. It can be used as a cross-trainer for an intense cardio workout as well as an air bike. Provided with a comfortable, cushioned seat, it facilitates excellent cycling workout too. 

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5. Allyson Fitness 4 In 1 Orbitrek – Elliptical Cross Trainer

It is an extensively used multifunctional elliptical trainer. It gives you an entire body workout without any impact on your knees or joints. They claim that 10 minutes of workout on this equipment is 300 % more effective than 10 minutes of regular walking, and the customer reviews very well support this claim. 

It is an excellent buy because even the price of this elliptical trainer in India is affordable and worth it.

 Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity:125 kg 
  2. Wheels: Belt driven wheel. Smooth gliding wheels to transport it anywhere in the house. 
  3. Handles: It has a pair of static handles and a pair of movable handles. They are adjustable according to different heights. The static pair helps in supporting the upper body while doing only a lower body workout.
  4. Pedals: Large pedals with grip patterns to hold your feet. 
  5. Resistance Knob: Adjustable resistance knob with 45 kg of resistance.
  6. Display: Digital LCD meter. Shows time, distance, speed, and calories burned. 
  7. Compact Size: It has a very packed and composed structure, which makes it ideal for the smallest apartments. 
  8. Calories burned in an hour: 820 calories maximum. Maximum calories burnt recommended by doctors and are even suitable for diabetes or blood pressure or cholesterol patients. 
  9. It is a 4 in 1 machine; it can be used as a treadmill, stair-climber, stepper, and a cycle. It can give you a combination of calorie burning as well as muscle shaping workout, targeting arms, chest, legs, back, and abdomen. 
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6. Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer 

This elliptical trainer has a one year warranty and a very durable as well as compact, smart design. It is a machine in high demand certainly. 

It is also composed of a heavy-duty steel frame and is very reliable, tough, and durable. 

Features :

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 120 kg 
  2. Height range : 160-190 cm 3. 
  3. Wheels: It works on a 6 kg flywheel and a sturdy base. 
  4. Pedals: Textured, fixed inclined pedals to maximize the intensity of the workout. These pedals are designed in such a way that they adjust to your natural foot movement and hence provide more exceptional grip, stability, and comfort. Pedal incline up to 12.82 inches.
  5. Stride length: 15.75 inches 
  6. Resistance Knob: 8 levels easy to change resistance knob. High quality magnetic working resistance. Each level pushes you harder and makes the workout more fast and intense.
  7. Handles: Pair of both static and dual-movable handles. It can provide both upper body and lower body workout and support your body structure properly. They provide full motion.
  8. Display: Digital meter with LCD. Shows time, distance, speed, wattage, heart rate, calories burned, and rotations per minute. 

It helps you combine your lower body workout with smooth muscle training and engage your arms, legs, and back too. Though the cost is a little higher than the rest, this is one of the best elliptical cross trainers and has excellent as well as improved features. It gives a high-end performance. 

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7. Cardio Max JSB HF151 Elliptical cross trainer 

This cross trainer is one of its kind, has a silver-black body. It comes with a year’s warranty. It is perfect for gymming at home and serves as an excellent machine for cardiovascular activities. It has a solid steel frame to hold the trainer in place while doing quick or high-intensity workouts. 

Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 110 kg
  2. Wheels: Flywheel (6 kg). Transportation wheels provided at the anti-slip base (front as well as back)
  3. Both static handles, as well as dual-action, full movement handlebars. The static handles provide an elegant hand rest. It also has a hand pulse sensor located on the static handlebar, which measures the heart rate.
  4. Pedals: Non-skid, large pedals with adjustable foot straps. 
  5. It has a comfortable footrest. It moves in both forward and reverses directions to target different leg muscles.
  6. Resistance Knob: Magnetic resistance changing system. The adjustable knob has smooth functioning and ensures easy changing of workout speed. 8 level tension changer. 
  7. Display: Elliptical cross trainer has a large display screen that enables the user to see the tracked information of the workouts. The display is a touch screen. It shows time, distance, speed, pulse, calorie, and total distance traveled. 
  8. Assembly size: 100 x 60 x 158 cm . 
  9. Mobile holder: Facilitates listening to music while on the machine. 

It is a multifunctional cross trainer elliptical cycle for a full-body cardio workout.

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 8. WELCARE Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6020

 This cross trainer has a one year warranty and has free product installation in over 100 cities in India. It is grey in color and has a stable design. The cost is a bit higher, and this is one of the best cross trainers for people who take fitness seriously and are willing to invest. It is composed of high-quality metal and is very durable. Puts less stress on the knees and reduces the impact on the joints. 


  1. Maximum weight capacity: 90 kg 
  2. Wheels: Has a built-in 7 kg fly-wheel. Support transportation wheels at the base to move it from one room to another conveniently. 
  3. Handles: Both static and movable handlebars. The static handle provides support and balance. It also a hand pulse sensor or a pulse pad on it, which facilitates heart rate training.  
  4. Pedals: Oversized and comfortable pedals. Extra-wide too. Pedals accommodate feet of all sizes. It provides proper safety and grip and good space. Both pedals come with straps. 
  5. Stride length: 18 inches 6. 
  6. Resistance Knob: 8 level tension control. Manual magnetic resistance control facilitates adjusting your workout intensity Easy and adjustable changing knob. 
  7. Display: This elliptical cross trainer has 18 inches LCD and 6 Display program. It has a priority display system so that the user can decide which data he wants to see. Shows speed, time, scan, distance heart rate, and calories burned. 
  8. Seat: A well-cushioned, oversized seat for greater comfort. Vertically adjustable for different heights. Easily adjusts to your size.
  9. Assembly area: 43″x19″x62.5″. It is a great buy and gives you a tough, intense, and a wholesome workout.
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9. Xterra FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

It is a true black beauty for fitness enthusiasts. Its body is elegant and smart, yet this cross trainer is very tough and sturdy. The Xterra cross trainer has a solid look, high-quality steel body. It comes with a one year warranty.

The difference between the cross-trainers mentioned above, and this is the console provided with it. This console gives the user a world-class experience. 

The user has so many options to choose from, ten different programs to choose from: Xtreme, Adventure, Interval, X-country, Fitness, Manual, User, Ascent, HR, and Glute blast. The console also saves your program for the next workout, so that you don’t have to re-enter it. 

Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg 
  2. Handles: Provided with dual-action handlebars and static hand rest. The handlebars are positioned in such a way that keeps the wrist and fingers in a neutral position. 
  3. Wheels: Belt driven enclosed system. Easy transportation wheels. 
  4. Pedals: Extra large pedals with great pedal space. Safety ensured pedals for the user. The pedals are 2-degree inward tilted, which lessens stress on the knees, ankles, and joints. 
  5. Stride length: 18 inches. The 18 inches ellipse motion allows the user to exercise for a longer time and burn more calories. 
  6. Display: Bright, blue backlit LCD. It shows time, speed, calories, distance, rotations per minute, watts, and pulse. It also has other features on the console feedback, which helps the user customize the workout sessions. 
  7. Music Entertainment system: This elliptical cross trainer comes with a built-in speaker. It also has an audio jack to connect your phone and mp3 player to play music while you work out. 
  8. Bottle holder: It has a bottle holder on the side to keep you hydrated during the workouts. It is a power-packed machine and will help you achieve your fitness goals. It also comes with extra conveniences and features that make it a perfect choice for using it at home. It is undoubtedly one of the best elliptical cross trainers available in India. 
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10. Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine for Cardio Fitness Strength Workout at Home (Multi-Colour) 

This elliptical cross trainer is manufactured by REACH, which is a trusted brand with fitness equipment for a long time. It is a multifunctional cross trainer and provides the user with a complete upper body and lower body cardio fitness workout. Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine provides a one year warranty and support service on this machine. It also gives you free installation assistance. 

It is perfect home gym equipment and loaded with high-quality material for better safety, less maintenance, and efficient exercising. This cross trainer works very smoothly and works without making any unnecessary noise. It is so silent that you can use it at any hour of the day and anywhere in the house. 

Features : 

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg 
  2. Wheels: Flywheel system of 8 kg to provide speed and good momentum. It has built-in transportation wheels at the front. They can be tilted and rolled out for easy movement inside the house. 
  3. Handles: Fully moveable handlebars with soft foam for comfort. Ergo Grip Stationary Handle Bar provided. It has a soft touch, and along with this, it helps to balance the body and provides stability during the lower body workouts. Sensors are provided on the handlebars for heart rate monitoring. 
  4. Pedals: Non-slip, large pedals for perfect foot movement.
  5. Resistance Knob: 8 levels magnetic tension knob. It can be used to change the intensity level from beginners’ to advance. 
  6. Stride length: 18 inches. Longer stride length helps you perform a more engaging workout. 
  7. Display: It has a large, fully loaded console with an LCD screen. Shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned. The numbers are extra-large for greater readability. The differentiating feature is the heart rate monitoring. 
  8. Tablet holder: This is an extra feature in this cross-trainer. It allows you to place your I pad right in front so that you can play music, and the tablet screen is visible from the seat. 
  9. Anti-shake support: To hold the machine in place when working out. It is a great buy if you need good heart health. It allows you to exercise as you will without putting your heart at risk.
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11. KOBO imported Orbitrac Dual function – Elliptical Machine

It has a unique appearance and has a dual function. It can act as a cycle as well as an elliptical cross-trainer. It comes in a black-grey colour and weighs 25 kg. It is easy to assemble and comes with a free assembly manual. The KOBO dual-function exercise bike has a tough outer look and is sturdy while it works.

Features :

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 120 kg
  2. Handles: It has a single pair of fully movable handles. The handles are adjustable; hence they are suitable for all heights and body size. Saddle and foam-fitted.
  3. Wheels: Balanced fly-wheel based cross-trainer. In-built transportation wheels for easy portability.
  4. Pedals: Large pedals for quiet and smooth pedaling 
  5. Resistance knob: Adjustable tension knob provided.
  6. Display: Electronic computer display. It shows the time elapsed, distance, speed, calories burned, and scan.

As, it is a dual-action cross trainer, the cycling motion helps to tone the lower body through pedalling. It builds calves, thighs, hips, and other leg muscles. 

And the rowing motion tones the upper body. It can be performed by using the movable handles, and it makes the abdomen and back strong.

It has an adjustable, cushioned seat. It is absolutely a great machine for home use. It can provide a complete gym work out.

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12. Power max Fitness EH-250S – Elliptical Cross Trainer/Cycle with Adjustable Seat

This cross trainer is known to function quietly and smoothly. It is 6.5 inches tall and has a black, white, and orange body. 

It comes with an adjustable seat, which can be adjusted only vertically but also horizontally. It is an added advantage. The seat can adjustable in four ways, which helps to keep the body in a neutral position.

Features :
  1. Maximum weight capacity: 110 kg.
  2. Wheels: Ribbed belt two – ways drive system. 4 kg flywheel. Transportation wheels are provided.
  3. Handles: It has a pair of static handles for resting your hands and support while doing lower body work out. A pair of movable, foam –fitted handles for rowing. Hence, dual-action handles.
  4. Pedals: Oversized pedals for proper foot movement. Smooth and firm grip. Non-slip pedal movement
  5. Resistance Knob: 8 level tension control, adjustable knob. It has a Magnetic control.
  6. Display: LCD display, which shows time, speed, distance, calories, and hand pulse.

This cross trainer can be used for cycling, cardio training, jogging, and running.

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  1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine (2016)

This is of the best rated elliptical machine and trusted by the customers. This machine is worth buying as the quality, appearance and features are awesome.


  1. Dual LCD Display to show the goal tracking and your performance for various workout programs.
  2. Display tracks the time, distance, calorie burned, etc.
  3. There are 22 exercise programs present with different fitness tests.
  4. For a high-intensity workout, it has 20 levels of computerized resistance.
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  1. ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer – Elliptical Machine

This elliptical trainer will give your legs extra burn and will help you to burn that fat fast with its 24 resistance level. This machine has a kind of 3d animation in google map to make you feel working out at the place, ground wherever you want. You can set up it home also.


  1. Membership needed to activate unlimited workout programs.
  2. Wheels to transport, water bottle holder, and 350 pounds of maximum weight capacity.
  3. Comfortable pedals, multiple handlebars, workout fan, flywheel attached.
  4. 1-year labor warranty, 3-year parts warranty.
  5. Heart rate monitor etc.
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What are low impact workouts?

These workouts allow you to leave one of your feet on the ground while moving the other. Hence, it provides a sense of balance and helps to keep your joints in a healthier and good shape. Even the muscles feel the high amount of soreness from the workouts. It is a low impact because it has fewer effects on the overall body structure, but it does not mean that these workouts are not intense. Cycling, for example, is a low impact form of exercise, but it is one of the most effective ways of replenishing our strength. 

Similarly, the elliptical trainers offer high-intensity workouts and are known to develop extensive endurance and overall fat loss. It helps in building up the stamina and gives a functional calorie loss. This machine targets both your legs and arms. So, it provides a lower as well as upper body workout. 

How does an Elliptical Trainer work? 

An elliptical cross trainer works on the lower body alone when the handlebars are stationary. And it works on both the lower and upper body when the handles are movable. While it engages the lower part of the body, Same as cycling, you will gain the benefits of the same. It works on your thighs, leg muscles (quadriceps, glutes, hamstring muscles, and tendons), hence providing overall action and strength to your legs. Whereas, while acting on both parts, along with the leg muscles, it engages the arms and the back too. It finely helps to tone the biceps and the triceps. The to and fro motion works on providing strength and building endurance to your arms. 

What are the components of an elliptical cross trainer? 

  1. Wheel: There are mostly used two types of wheels for transportation support. One is Flywheel and the second is Belt driven wheel.
  2. Resistance knobs: Resistance knobs provide control of the tension in the pedals and accommodate various workout levels in the same machine itself. 

Usually, there are eight levels in the adjustable knobs, Level 1 allows how to pedal with no difficulty at all and increase the speed by offering less resistance. Use this for low-intensity workouts. Level 8 will enable you to drive with a more significant challenge. 

Hence, it engages all parts of the body and puts pressure and offers more excellent resistance to the pedaling movement. 

  1. LCD Display: Every elliptical trainer has an LCD system that shows your updated performance parameters and helps you to judge your fitness goals. Most importantly, it shows the number of calories burnt, which gives you an estimation of your future workout plans.
  1. Pedals and handles: There might be two pedals with straps or without straps. There may be a combination of dual-action and movable handles with stationery hand rest or just the pair of movable handles. 
  2. Seat: Cross trainers are available with a cushioned leather seat with vertical adjustments. It is useful for people who find it challenging to work out while standing for a more extended period, so they can resort to a sitting position. 

It is a stationary and compact elliptical machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Elliptical Trainers Machines
  1. What is stride length of the top elliptical trainers? 

The stride length is the distance when the pedals have a backward and forward movement with your body. Greater stride length helps you to extend your legs and put more considerable strain on the back of your leg muscles, so that is a productive and yielding workout. It assists in working your deep muscles. Good quality elliptical cross trainers offer stride length of 18 inches, which is usually recommended for safety. 

  1. What is the flywheel? 

A flywheel stores rotational energy and is the major, driving part of the cross-trainer. It is responsible for the smoothness of your machine. The greater the weight of the fly-wheel, the higher is the efficiency. It helps to increase the speed of your momentum so that the impact on your knees or joints reduces.

  1. What is a belt-driven wheel?

 Even a belt-driven system is a wheel system that is responsible for carrying out the output functions for the input provided on the pedals. It is the major component of the cross-trainer. It is a large wheel at the front of the machine, and a belt overwound over the entire length of its circumference. 

  1. Are elliptical trainers good for you? 

The benefits of cross trainers are plenty. Not only does it provide an excellent upper or lower body workout, but it also helps to replenish the lost strength of the deep muscles in the legs, arms, chest, and back. It has the advantage of working out according to your moods and follow your timeline. Since the cross-trainer get fix in your house, you can work our whenever you want to. You can also vary the intensity of your workout as you please. Thus, you have full control and are in charge of your fitness routine.

  1. Who can use these cross trainers? 

Elliptical cross trainers are recommended for all after they have reached or completed at least 13 years of age. It is suitable for old people, mainly because it does not wear out their joints. It is incredibly comfortable and safe for them; This is a perfect fit even with people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or who have just come out of body surgery.

It gives a high-end performance, and for an effective home workout, this is a perfect buy. It is worthy of your investment and time too.

Conclusion: Here, we have review all the best elliptical machine prices in India and you can find the best cross trainer in India by choosing the one with the best review from the above list.