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Our body performs various metabolic functions all the time. It needs energy to perform task, which comes through balanced-diet. The nutritional diet one and important part of the body for smooth functioning. Lack of healthy food choices can make it worse. Why Are Multivitamins so vital for Body? The body itself is a storehouse of energy. It synthesizes the nutrients present in the food, breaks the complex structures into simpler and smaller ones. Then, it uses these micronutrients to perform all the physiological functions. The food we eat decides the state of

Have you been hitting the gym lately and not getting the expected results? Or are you one of those people who try to lead an active lifestyle, but you are not losing fat? Do you have friends who eat way too much and gain very little weight? We all have that one person in our life who is slim all the time. But slim does not necessarily mean healthy. It is essential to understand the difference between thin and fit. First of all, we should realize our goal. It is to gain